Facebook’s Relevance score is extremely important metric that determines the relevancy of a particular advertisement on a scale of 1 – 10.

The relevance score analyzes multiple factors in determining how useful a particular advertisement is to the current targeting that you have set for a particular campaign.

Over the last couple of years I have launched ads with a perfect relevance score. I have also launched ads where the relevance score is low but the overall ROI is amazing. Let’s find out how a relevance score actually affects a Facebook campaign.

Factors Affecting The Facebook Ads Relevance Score

First, let’s take a look at some of the factors affecting the Facebook Ads relevance score.

  • Your Ad Copy – The ad-copy including the text, headlines and related images/videos play an important part in determining your relevance score.
  • Landing Page Experience – Although it’s not clear how Facebook Ads calculate their metrics when it comes to your destination URL, it’s definitely a part of the relevance score. I will cover about the relationship between relevance score and landing pages in a separate segment on this post.
  • Audience Targeting & Feedback – The final piece of your relevance score is the actual audience that you are targeting to showcase your ads. This means if your ad-copy is amazing and Facebook thinks your targeting is not relevant you might end up with a bad relevance score.

Does Facebook Ads Relevance Score Change Over Time

Yes, Facebook Ads relevance score changes over time and it depends on how your target audience reacts to your ads. Lots of negative reaction or lack of action can lower your Facebook Relevance Score

4 Tips on Improving Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Here are some of the ways you can easily improve your relevance score. Again, when launching your campaign, your goal should be to focus on how your want your message delivered without worrying too much about your ad relevance score.

1. Use Proper Header & Footer For Your Landing Pages

I have created hundreds of landing pages for multiple clients running Facebook Ads. One of the most prominent ways to improve your relevance score is to make the landing page look more professional by adding proper header and footer section to the landing page.

Ideally the header section should have a logo or the phone number if you are looking to generate callbacks. The footer should have links to your privacy policy, FAQ, social media profiles and any disclaimer.

Structuring your landing page into three distinctive section (header, body and footer) helps create a better flow for users. This affects the relevance score of your ads.

2. Fix up your ad targeting By Segmenting It

I have personally used this strategy to improve the relevance score of your overall campaign. Since, Facebook Ads relevance score is closely tied to how useful the ads are, you need to ensure that you are segmenting things properly.

Adset segmentation example

When launching a brand new campaign try to segment your audience into gender or by device type. Then create ads under these ad-sets specially catered towards each segment.

For example, if you are not using a responsive landing page, you may want to use a completely different URL for ads targeting mobile device users.

Proper segmentation and personalization creates a better experience for the end-user who experience your ads. Hence, it’s a quick way of getting a better relevance score.

3. Use Different Images & Videos To Test

When you launch a new campaign make sure that you are using different images or videos in order to A/B test which version is actually performing better.

Do not group both images and videos under the same adset. In fact, you should launch completely different campaigns testing images versus videos.

Launching lots of ad-combination allows you to find out which ads are getting a better relevance score. The creatives with good relevance score will often get most of the impressions for your adset budget.

4. Test Different Headlines For Better Relevance Score

Relevance score for different facebook ads

Based on my experience, a brand new headline which Facebook thinks is relevant can improve your relevance score quite a bit.

The best strategy is to align your headline and the Title tag of your destination page as similar as possible. The opening H1 tag of your destination page plays a major role in determining your overall relevance score.

A/B test different headlines just like new landing pages to come up with the winning combinations of the correct headline and images that generate the best relevant score.

It’s very common for ads with higher scores eat up most of the impression share when running a Facebook Ads campaign.