Most top producers don’t double down on going after buyers. In a changing real estate landscape with rising interest rates and an economic slowdown I think it’s a costly mistake.

As a real estate agent you are literally looking at an entire generation of millennials going after homeownership. Not doubling down on your buyer marketing strategies can have significant impact on your yearly commission check.

In this guide I will go over 3 new & unique strategies that you can implement right away to attract and close more buyers for your real estate business. 

All 5 of these strategies are battle tested and it should work in almost any real estate market because it never deviates from the core offer that attracts prospects to your business.

Funnel 1: Which Community Is Right For Me Quiz Funnel

I promised I am going to share marketing ideas that are unique so that you can get the most value while going through my guide.

These days interactive content works best when it comes to getting the attention of your prospects and keeping them engaged. One creative way to get the attention of buyers is to create a quiz funnel.

You can easily create a quiz using softwares like Typeform. 

Step by Step Funnel Blueprint For Real Estate Buyer Leads

Step 1: Use Typeform to create the quiz. Some of the questions you can include are:

  • What is your ideal budget?
  • Looking for a townhouse, semi, detached or condo?
  • How important is walking to everything to you?
  • Lifestyle Type?
  • Are they a first time home buyer?

Step 2: Once you get all the answers, ask them for their name and email address to send a list of curated areas + listings.

Step 3: Once you receive the information, find out the areas that are best suited for their answers and reach out to these leads. You can send them a intro email with some neighborhood options for their home purchase.

Finally when your Typeform is ready, test the entire process and launch a paid campaign to go after buyers in your target market. This is a really unique and fresh approach towards buyers. This approach is way better than a generic first time home buyers guide which almost all agent promotes.

Funnel 2: Community & Lifestyle Guide For Target Areas

While a quiz funnel is great for prospects who are not sure which area is a good fit, this funnel is for all those prospects who knows the area they wanna move to.

Buyers often zero in on one or more area and start searching for the overall lifestyle the area has to offer. 

This gives you a great opportunity to capture their information while providing them curated information about the neighbourhoods that they are searching for.

The funnel itself is a pretty straight forward inbound marketing funnel where you give them something of value in order to capture their information. 

Create a landing page where you ask prospects for their first name and email address to send them the community guide.

Please note that I don’t recommend collecting phone numbers because it will lower your conversion rate as well as its not idle to connect with these prospects over phone when they have just downloaded an ebook. 

I know you have seen a lot of people do this on Facebook or other platform. However your conversion rate will be way lower if you ask for phone number right away.

The goal of this community guide is to build your database at the best possible cost. When you have these prospects in your CRM you can nurture then with email marketing to move them across the customer journey.

Funnel 3: Running A Local Contest Online Funnel With Winner Declared At A Offline Local Event

In the beginning of this guide I mentioned that I am going to share some unique ideas you can use to market yourself in front of potential buyers. This funnel actually works not just for attracting buyers looking to relocate from your area but also sellers.

In fact, out of all the funnels that I shared this is my favourite one so far. This real estate buyer funnel has two stages:

  • Run an online content geo-targeting your local area for something of value
  • Run another offline campaign (and promote it) where you invite everyone to announce the winner. The event can be a local charity get together or a summer ice cream meetup. Be creative when it comes to your local

Funnel 4: Turning Open Houses Into Virtual Livestreams

In person open houses are back. That doesn’t mean you should stop investing in virtual livestreams. With virtual livestream you increase your reach exponentially and it can attract buyers who are house hunting online. 

Remember more than 90% of prospects start their search for a home online. So it’s important to get their attention in the early stages of the buyer journeys.

In order to livestream your open house across multiple platforms, use a software called StreamYard. It allows you to go live simultaneously across different social channels.

A week before the actual open house create an event for the livestream and start promoting it by running some paid ads campaign. If you are not familiar with running paid social ads you can hire a marketer to help you setup the campaign.

Make sure that you have a dedicated landing page capturing the information of buyers if they are interested in a in-person tour. You need to ask the question whether they are actively working with a real estate professional or not. If they choose no and are interested – well that’s a hot buyer lead for you.

Try experimenting with different days to see which one produces the maximum engagement for your community. Finally, when you are promoting the live open house webinar, please keep the session interactive. Encourage them to ask questions so that you can keep your webinar session interactive.