Lead Generation Using Facebook & Google Ads To Grow Your Business

I have helped several business owners grow their revenue using profitable lead generation campaigns on both Facebook & Google Ads platform. Get your free proposal and find out how my campaigns can help grow your business.

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    True Experts

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    Experts In Pay Per Click & Conversion Focussed Digital Ads

    Unlike traditional forms of advertising, running Facebook & Google Ads to generate leads for your business allows you to control the targeting (audience & keywords). You can clearly track how much each lead is costing and attribute how many leads you require to close a new client for your business.

    You can scale your campaigns up and down depending on demand, seasonality and the capacity of your business to handle new customers.

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    ROI Driven Marketing 

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    ROI Focussed Marketing Approach Putting Your Revenue As Top Priority

    Digital Marketing is not about how many impressions or clicks your campaign got. It's all about tracking where we are spending your money and attributing the campaigns that are performing better, yielding a good ROI for your business. Our entire approach is ROI driven ensuring that you get a positive return for your campaigns. 

    We figure out your customer acquisition cost first and scale your campaigns to yield a good ROI. 

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    Optimized For Success

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    Daily Optimization To Get Leads At Best Possible Cost

    We never launch a campaign and not monitor it. Whether you are targeting a bunch of high value keywords or a specific demographic on Facebook, we are constantly monitoring the campaign, launching a/b tests to optimize it and controlling the cost per lead while scaling your campaigns up or down. 

    We treat each of our campaigns with utmost care so that you can be rest assured that your marketing dollars are well spent. 

Our 4 Step Process For A Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Businesses need a steady flow of high quality leads & prospects in order to increase sales and generate more revenue. Our campaigns are designed just for that.

We Study Your Product Or Offer

First and foremost, we study your product/ service and do a comprehensive market research in order to create an effective campaign for your business. 

We Create The Funnel Outline

Next, we will create the funnel outline and show you the steps that someone will go through before coming in as a lead. 

Build Landing Pages & Launch Campaign

Next, we create the landing pages, optimize it for conversions and launch your ads. We will share the ad-copy and landing pages for approval before the main launch.

Analyze Data & Improve

When the campaigns are live we wait for a few leads to come in. We then look at the data, find ways in which we can improve your lead generation campaign and optimize them.

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