Real estate agents need to join Clubhouse in order to make the most of this brand new social network. Clubhouse exploded in popularity in the last few months. Well, it was kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.

If you are hearing about Clubhouse the first time, it’s ok. In this guide we will teach you some of the strategies you should be deploying to get more clients as well as network with other agents in this new social networking platform.

What Is ClubHouse & Why Real Estate Agents Should Care?

Clubhouse is a brand audio only social network where you can join various rooms based on your topics as well as the people you follow inside the app.

One of the most unique feature of Clubhouse is that it’s an audio only platform. So you are literally taking with strangers based on common interest and common topic.

Speaking inside a clubhouse room in not mandatory though. You can simply join room to listen and let the moderators know that you want to speak by tapping the “raise hand” button.

So the question is, how can you use Clubhouse to help grow your real estate business? We will share 3 ways you can start using Clubhouse today. 

But first, you need to find someone who can invite you. If you are a real estate professional, get in touch with me in the comments section below and I can help get you an invite.

Complete Your Clubhouse Bio That Reflects Who You Are As A Real Estate Professional and Why People Should Choose You

It’s no secret that you need to appear as the local expert whenever you promote your real estate business. The Clubhouse bio section is no different. When you sign up for clubhouse you can connect your Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you do that.

The bio can be descriptive but ensure you are using emojis to convey emotion. Take a look at my bio for example. I will also share some other bio’s of real estate professionals so that you have a better understanding.

At the end of the text bio, your other social profiles are displayed. A good rule of thumb is to use some sort of a call to action like free home evaluation, or a list of just sold homes (depending on your target market). 

Use Clubhouse To Build Your Local Sphere Of Influence

I have been on Clubhouse for quite some time and the number one thing I like about the platform so far is the quality of people using it and how easily you can build real world connection since you are using voice to communicate with one another. 

When you join Clubhouse for the first time, the first thing you should do is join some real estate marketing/coaching sessions. Here you get to network with other real estate professionals and coaches while learning a ton about how you can improve yourself as a real estate professional. 

Once you have attended these sessions make sure that you are raising your hand to speak up and join the sessions. As soon as a moderator accepts you, your profile will be shown on top alongside other speakers. 

Mention your name clearly so that others using the app can scroll through the speakers and identify you. 

Don’t be shy when asking for people to follow you. Just state a reason as to why they should follow you in the first place.

After you have attended these real estate industry specific events, try finding clubhouses for your local area. If you cannot find any it’s ok. Just make sure that you actually crate one for your local market and promote the upcoming clubhouse event via your other social channels. 

Host A Audio Only Webinar Via Clubhouse About Your Local Real Estate Market

The second strategy is to host an audio only webinar where you share local market insights, discuss the real estate trends in your local area as well as do some kind of a live q&a session with your audience.

Hosting a Clubhouse event

The goal here is to showcase your authority as an expert in the field of real estate in your local market.

In order to schedule a Clubhouse Chat, click on the Calendar icon on the top.

Next select the +Calendar icon on the top right (iOS). This will let you schedule a Clubhouse event. You can even add co-hosts to your upcoming Clubhouse event.

Clubhouse events tab
Clubhouse events page

Make sure your Event name and description is clear because Clubhouse also has their organic algorithm that will showcase certain events on user’s feed based on the topics they are interested in.

clubhouse schedule an event

Once you schedule these events, you will get a link that you can promote across your social feeds. We have done a bit of of a test and we think the two best channels to promote your upcoming Clubhouse event is to use Instagram stories as well as your email lead list.

When you start the event, don’t forget to invite attendees to the stage where they can directly interact with you via audio. 

Ask your attendees about:

  • What you want to learn about the local real estate market
  • Are you thinking of buying and selling
  • Trending topics in the real estate space for your local market
  • If they would be interested in a community overview.

Most importantly, make sure that you add a call-to-action for someone to get in touch with you or follow you on Clubhouse.

Once the event is over, go reach out to all of your followers via their Instagram or Twitter link from their profile. You can hire a VA to do that on your behalf. 

After completed your first event, try to stick to a particular day and time and start converting your Clubhouse event in a daily or weekly show to grow your lead list for your local real estate business and gain followers on this social platform.