Most of us have been targeted online by a lot of big and small brands this holiday season. As we all prepare for a fun and festive holiday season, I thought why don’t I share some of the best ads that really got my attention.

Now, these 5 ads are all something that I came across online and most of them (if not all) are running some kind of a video campaign to get you in the holiday spirit.

Without further due, here are the top 5 holiday digital marketing campaigns for 2020:

5. Apple – Make Someone’s Holiday

Apple is historically know for creating some amazing holiday commercial. This year’s commercial resembles a lot like the 2013 commercial. The theme is to spread joy and love this holiday season and make someone’s holiday.

4. Sonos – Holiday Mood With Google Assistant Built In

christmas video marketing commercials 2019 banner main

This video ad features the portable Sonos speaker and the fact that it comes with Google’s built in assistant. It’s quite a cheerful ad that gets you into the holiday season.

3. Frito-Lay Share Your Favourite Thing With Anna Kendrick

Lays went all out this Holiday season with Anna Kendrick on a colourful commercial featuring all the brands under Frito-Lay with one beautiful holiday-inspired song.

2. Fed Ex: Imagination What We Deliver

Fed Ex chose a unique theme this year sharing the power of imagination and the fact that their boxes are filled with gifts that are filled with imagination. It’s a cool holiday gift box themed ad that features a kid imagining that she flies around the house on a spaceship after getting bored playing with her presents.

1. The Oreo First Christmas Commercial Featuring Elves

The Oreo Christmas commercial features an elf buying things for Santa while the sleepy cashier realizes what’s going on. It’s an incredible concept that clearly outlines what OREO cookies are all about.