Real estate marketing can be tricky for both new & experienced agents. Experienced agents understand that you need to invest more into digital ads, rather than traditional forms of advertising going forward. For brokers & agents who are new, they are often confused with he steep learning curve of the digital marketing.

My suggestion is simple. If you are serious about growing your real estate business, then let the marketers do the marketing for your business. Your time is best spent calling prospects, showing properties and closing deals. And, that’s where you should spend most of your time. 

Personally, I have helped lots of real estate agents, brokers as well as real estate marketing companies scale their business using custom digital marketing funnels. My goal in this article is to share certain tips and tricks for you to be successful with your lead generation efforts.

3 Key Takeaways From This How-To Article

  • Exact funnels and steps to generate high-quality leads that speak to you
  • How to have a proper system to improve your speed to lead and follow up game
  • Unveiling the numbers game in order to prepare you for the right mindset to be successful with real estate leads.

What’s The Right Setup To Start Generating Leads For Your Real Estate Business?

In order to start generating leads for your real estate business, you need to get a few things right. What I am talking about here is the entire ecosystem of generating leads, nurturing leads and ensuring that you are tracking those leads. 

When you are simply generating leads without a strong follow up game you are losing out on a lot of potential deals. Real estate buyers and sellers typically have a longer sales cycle compared to other industries. An effective follow up strategy allows you to get a better ROI on your marketing dollars over longer periods of time. 

List of things you need to get started with real estate lead generation:

  • You need a CRM (it’s the central base from where you will track your entire pipeline)
  • An email marketing software to effectively nurture your leads and convert them into lifelong clients
  • Facebook Business Manager account and Google Ads Account
  • A Facebook Business page that will be used to run ads on Facebook.
  • A professional Calendar booking software like Calendly
  • Professional photos and videos for your personal real estate brand, yourself/team as well as any new listing that you are trying to push in order to get qualified leads in your area.
  • A landing page software like Instapage is optional but I highly recommend it if you are planning to a/b test a lot of layouts to see which ones are getting you leads at a cheaper cost.

Now that you know all the things required to start generating leads for your real estate business, the next step is to actually setup different campaigns and launch your ads in order to generate leads for your real estate business.

4 Types Of Lead Generation Campaign Real Estate Agents Looking For High Quality Leads

When it comes to lead generation to key is to get the most qualified leads at the best possible cost in your local market. The cost of leads might vary quite a bit depending on how many agents are actively running online campaigns and a bunch of other factors like your actual landing page conversion rate. 

In this section I will share the 4 proven lead generation strategy that works in just about every market.

Strategy 1: How to get buyer leads from featured properties using facebook ads

Probably one of the cheapest ways to generate tons of high quality buyer leads is to drive targeted traffic to a landing page with one of your listing. 

The landing page should feature a brief description about the property (not the full address). It should have property pictures and a clear CTA (call to action) asking someone to fill their information for pricing, address and full details.

For the Facebook Ad driving traffic to this page use the following:

  • the headline should describe the property clearly, for example “gorgeous detatched 4 bed house with pool in south Scottsdale” or ” Luxurious 3 bed top floor penthouse suite”. The goal is to get the attention of the prospect and make sure that the property and the lead are both aligned on what they are looking for.
  • The top description section of the Facebook Ad should have a few sentences about the property.
  • For images, you can use a collage or a single frame exterior shot of the house.

Targeting for Buyer Leads From Facebook Ads

  • 5 to 10 mile radius from the location of the property address (use Facebook Ads drop pin feature to run your real estate campaign).
  • Now for the demographics you cannot select age and other types of targeting because real estate ads fall under the new “Special Ads Category”. So you need to stick with life events like parents with toddlers, just married etc. in order to go after the right demographic for your area.
  • I recommend you target different demographics are run different adsets for your facebook campaign in order to pinpoint which audience is converting better.

Strategy 2: How to generate high quality real estate seller leads using Google Ads

Google Ads tend to be more expensive because you are bidding on actual search terms in your local area. 

One of the most reliable seller lead funnel is to run a home valuation campaign targeting high value keywords are most likely being searched by homeowners in your local area. 

In order to run a home valuation campaign your need these three key ingredients:

  • A Google Ads account and the ability to use the keywords planner tool the find the best possible keywords in your local area.
  • A home valuation landing page
  • A robust follow up system ensuring that you are actually following up with the leads as soon as they submit their information for home valuation.

Make sure you are targeting keyword phrases as well as exact long tail keywords. Find out which of the keyword are brining in the most conversion and double down on them. 

If you are planning on running home valuation campaign on Facebook you need to create a buyer persona of the right demographic that are homeowners and launch the ads under the special ads category.

While running the home valuation campaign you also need to constantly add negative keywords ensuring that you are only spending money on phrases that homeowners are looking for.

Strategy 3: Open House Campaigns To Generate Leads of Potential Buyers & Attendees and Convert Them Into Clients

The third strategy is something most agents often overlook thinking that it’s not worth their time investing into marketing an open house.

Always remember that each and every open house that you are conducting whether for your own listing or someone else’s listing, can eventually generate you new clients.

People visiting open houses are mostly other homeowners living in that area. This means, with effective follow up you can convert some of these homeowners into sellers looking to list their home with you. 

Have a clear opt-in strategy for any visitor to your open house. For example, give away a free e-book or checklist in exchange for their email when someone visits an open house. You can use a iPad in the front to get them to opt-in. 

Once you have their data you can run retargeting ads to those open house attendee lists as well as nurture them using email marketing so that they think of you when they are ready to buy or sell. 

Strategy 4: Use Conversational Bots To Capture More Website Visitors Into Leads By Pre-Qualifying Them Automatically

Like it or not bots are on the rise and you can a ton of time if you use them on your website to effectively pre-quality and capture the information of any prospect.

Many real estate agents and brokers are using bots to make the most of their incoming traffic and give them a way to get what they are looking for without browsing.

An example real estate bot on Facebook Messenger

Realistically, the best way to use bots on your real estate website is to use a bot-builder like Drift or Intercom.

You can also go with the Facebook messenger bot using ManyChat but it requires everyone to sign in on Facebook to start using it.

Here are three main key areas where I see bots being used by real estate agents to generate high-quality leads.

  • Contextual bots to pre-qualify a seller on a listing page
  • Bots to pre-qualify a buyer on an area or locality page
  • Bots that deliver a free checklist or an ebook in exchange for some information. (to build your database).

How To Convert Incoming These Real Estate Leads Into Lifelong Clients?

Finally, we are in the third segment of our guide where I am going to show you certain strategies that will help close more leads into customers. 

Just to recap, we went over the tools that you need to get started with real estate lead generation and 4 detailed real estate marketing strategies to generate leads.

So the only thing left to do is to ensure that you are effectively following up with these leads and closing them. 

There are three main factors involved that determines how effectively you can convert these leads into customers:

Time Factor – The ability to call a lead as as when then come into your CRM. In order to be the most efficient you should setup some sort of a notification on your phone so that you are notified when the leads come in.

An Effective Long Term Nurture Strategy – Have you heard of the saying “the gold is in the follow-up”? That’s because it’s absolutely true when it comes to real estate leads. Many of your new clients will be prospects that are receiving your content on your database. In order to maximize your revenue from your real estate leads you need to create an effective follow-up strategy. Start by creating a 7 day touchpoint where you are either emailing or calling a lead until they pick up. This approach will help you improve your connection rates.

The right tools to track and measure your performance – Getting all the leads is part of the equation. The other part (arguably, more important) is you and your real estate team having an effective system that can track where every lead is in their sales cycle and prioritize who to call based on a wide range of factors. I already covered the importance of using a robust CRM in the beginning of the guide and this is particularly why a CRM is a must have for all agents and teams.

Start Closing Those Real Estate Leads

Now that you have my 3 part guide of getting, nurturing and managing your lead list pipeline to close those leads into real estate clients, use this as a benchmark next time you think of doing lead generation for your real estate business.