visitors-to-leads-facial-bannerAssuming that your website is getting some organic traffic it’s only beneficial if some of them actually convert into potential leads for your business. Getting website traffic and converting them are two different things. While your blog may be well optimized for the search engines but have you ever wondered why most of the visitors abandon your site without subscribing to your blog. Perhaps your new restaurant loyalty program is getting lots of views but none of them are signing up for it.

If these are some of the common problems that you are facing then today I will tell you how you can skyrocket your conversion rates. By giving the reasons why your visitors are not converting I am potentially telling you the steps you should take that helps boost lead conversion.

Your Form is Too Long or Distracting

Whenever you are creating a landing page you need to pay particular attention to your opt-in form. Having the right fields in your opt-in form can make a significant difference in conversion rates. Potential leads visiting your website will behave differently if you want to extract all of their information just to give them a discount code.

The thumb rule is that the greater the dollar value of your offer the more fields you can add to your opt-in form. However stick to the basics and keep it simple at all times.

If you are looking to get subscribers then use an email with first name field instead of asking for their phone number or where they live.

Your Landing Page is Too Broad In Terms Of Content

Once a visitor arrives at your landing page you have a few second to grab their attention in order for them to stay on that page. This is why your landing page should be extremely specific in terms of content and goal driven. The key things to keep in mind when writing the content for your landing page are:

  • A header line
  • A Second line explaining more about the offer
  • Offer Form with relevant call to action

The three points I mentioned above is absolutely crucial to any successful landing page and they need to be closely linked to each other. The Call to Action text should be compelling enough for users to actually click. The keyword that you are targeting and the content of the landing pages need to match as closely as possible to make them effective.

You Are Targeting Wrong Keywords in Adwords

This point is specifically for people using Google Adwords to promote their business and get new leads. Google Adwords can be tricky and doing a thorough keyword research is a must if you are serious about getting leads from it. Always target exact match keywords with decent monthly search queries. On the other hand if you target exact match keywords that rarely gets searched then you will not see any results. Broad match keywords tend to perform well if your campaign budget is a little high.

Most importantly you should never forget to target specific locations and add negative keywords that are irreverent to your business to get the attention of the right pool of people searching for similar stuff online.

Your Website Design is Not Attractive

Having a modern look for your website is a must have these days. Not only does presentation matter but an unattractive website will sway the interest of the visitor immediately. First time visitors who like your website design are 95% more likely to revisit your site.

If you are not good at coding then I highly suggest your start with a premium WordPress theme or higher a designer. Having a responsive design is also a crucial part of the puzzle. If your website is not optimized for mobiles and tablets then you are missing out on a large chunk of online visitors. Go through your Google Analytics User Behaviour to see which pages visitors are visiting and what’s causing them to bounce from your site.

Your Opt-ins Are Not Useful

No one will provide their information to you unless you catch their interest with what you have to offer. Let’s assume you are selling flowers and you create a landing page asking users to fill their information in exchange for your full catalogue. Instead you can try offering something like “a beginner’s guide to decorating your backyard with flowers” E-Book and ask for their information.

The more valuable and exclusive your content the better are the chances of converting them into leads.

In the end you must always remember that getting high quality relevant leads are much better than getting tons of irrelevant leads for any of your landing page. Lead generating is a never ending process of the inbound marketing cycle and you must constantly test different landing pages, colorus, content etc. to figure out which variation works for your particular business.

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