Email-marketing-tips-bannerEmail Marketing is one of the most consistent methods for generating leads for any given business. Whether you are the owner of a spa or a new gym you can never ignore the power of email marketing and the potential it carries to bring in new clients for your business. Today I am going to share some of the best email marketing tips and tricks that you should implement with your overall marketing strategy.

1. Use Email Automation To Engage Your Audience

Email automation is something that you should definitely use in order to make the customer experience more interactive without spending your own time for doing the same thing over and over again. Whether you are using Aweaber or Mailchimp you can quickly setup email automation using any of your forms and connect the email provider to your landing page. Here are some of the key ideas you should keep in mind when setting up email automation for your business:

  • Before making the actual landing page live work on completing your email series.
  • Test the email series in your own inbox and with your colleagues. Make changes according to their suggestion.
  • Do not make the mistake of welcoming people into eery series. For example if someone signed up for a free E-Book and you already welcomed them to your business, do not repeat the same step when you are offering another piece of content to your subscribers.
  • Use responsive templates when designing your email and keep the design very simple. Your main focus with email marketing should be your content. You need to highlight your content and Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons. Do not blend them inside distracting designs. Sometimes plain text email with a logo on top works just fine.
  • Use advanced automation software to trigger emails based on user behaviours.

2. Make Your Emails Interactive Using Merge Tags

You need to make your emails interactive in order to make them more engaging for the customer. A simple solution for making the emails interactive is using Merge Tags inside your campaign editor.

Merge tags allow users to insert field values directly from your email list. For example, Let’s say you are using Mailchimp and you want to greet everyone using their first name.

The way you do this is by setting *|FNAME|* merge tag inside your email copy where you want to use the first name for everyone that will get the email. When you are sending the campaign your email provider will replace the merge tag by the first name of the user from the email list.

Merge tags are essential because they allow your emails to be more personalized and your customers feel valued. You can also create custom merge tags and further personalize the content for your user.

3. Use Responsive Email Templates

esponsive email template exampleAn average North American user interacts with their phone and 2 other screen sizes on a daily basis. In fact, you have no clue of finding out whether the email that you just sent will be opened on a desktop or the mobile. In order to ensure that they can view the email in a proper format it’s best to use a responsive email template that adapts it’s content with the screen size of the user.

Most of the email marketing services on the web support responsive templates. You can also buy premium templates from Themeforest and other places to make your overall campaign look more professional.

4. Use Call To Action In Email Subjects

This is a trend that a lot of companies are adapting to and its a proven way to increase your email open rate. The goal is to use a call to action right inside the email subject so that someone checking their inbox gets curious and opens the actual email.

Syntax for Subject CTA – [Your-Call-To-Action] Email Subject

An email marketing campaign is only effective when someone actually looks at what you are sending in the first place. Everything else is kind of secondary to this main requirement. In the digital marketing industry we call this the open rate. Open rates depend on a lot of factors like your brand value, spam history, customer acquisition funnel and finally a captivating subject line.

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5. Segment Your Audience Captured For Email Marketing

Getting a steady stream of leads is a great feeling for any business owner. However, you should also spend a significant chunk of your email marketing time into segmenting them.

Email list segmentation

Segmenting lists can either be done by assigning various emails into different lists based on the source where you are getting them or creating segments inside your master lists itself.

Whichever path you choose segmenting and personalizing campaign for various groups of your email subscribers will definitely help in getting a higher conversion rate for your email marketing efforts.