Adwords-conversion-optimization-article-bannerGoogle Adwords is an amazing platform for targeting the right audience for your business. You can be a flower shop owner or the CEO of the next big startup, Adwords will offer the exact same set of features for your to leverage in your digital marketing process.

Today I will explain how you can get most conversions in Google Adwords. Now the term conversion can be quite broad in it’s own definition so it’s best to clarify it before I proceed further.

There is a way to track conversion in Adwords using a code snippet. Basically Adwords let you track any event on your website and counts it as a conversion (more on that later in the post).

What I am really trying to achieve when I say “conversion” in this blog post is basically get the most out of your advertising budget inside Adwords. My goal in this tutorial is to share some of the tips and tricks that you can use within your campaigns to see better results and more leads flowing in.

So, without further due here are some of the best practices that you can incorporate in your Adwords campaign to see better results.

Create Conversion Tags (lots!)

Well, it’s kind of a no brainer but when you are trying to maximize conversions you need to actually setup these tags on your website and make sure Google is tracking them properly.

Setting up conversion tracking for your website is very simple. Here is how it works:

  • You add a piece of javascript in your HTML body of the thank your page.
  • The reason why you add the javascript on the thank you page is because a visitor will land on this page once they fill up a form or take some sort of an action on the landing page.
  • Every time someone lands on your thank you page the Javascript gets triggered and you have your conversion count.
Types of Adwords Conversions

Types of conversion tags

How To Create A Conversion Tag

  • Login To Your Google Adwords
  • Go To Tools > Conversion
  • Click The Red +Coversion Button
  • Select Website Conversion
  • Select a name and fill in the other details for your tag
  • Copy The Code and paste in your your appropriate page (the thank you page)

Now that your conversions are setup you can track them accordingly. If you do not want to give a value to a conversion then that’s fine. You can skip the section asking for the conversion value. With conversions setup properly in your Adwords you will be able to track the Cost Per Conversion for any campaign or ad-group in your Adwords account.

Increase Quality Score Of Your Landing Page

When you create a landing page in for your Adwords campaign you are assigned a quality score for every keyword that you are trying to target. Quality score is a score given to your page based on a scale of 10.

The higher the quality score for a keyword the easier it is to rank at the top of the page with the optimal CPC value. I have explained this earlier in my Adwords Guide but I will go over the relation of quality score to your ad position once again.

quality score illustration

Image Source: Wordstream

Basically the ranking of your advertisement depends on a lot of factors including quality score and your CPC value. A higher quality score with a suggested CPC value is the best combination for a higher ranking in Google Adwords.

Check Out This Guide For Increasing Your Quality Score

Target Abandoning Visitors Using Retargeting

I have been running retargeting campaigns for a while in Adwords and I can guarantee you that if you are not engaging with abandoning visitors then you are missing out on a big chunk of potential leads for your business.

I have covered a detailed tutorial on my blog about retargeting. If you are not familiar with retargeting at all then it’s a great beginner’s tutorial.


Retargeting often costs lower then your average CPC with the advantage of targeting people who have visited your website. There are lots of ways to retarget visitors and you can be really creative about your approach.

Basically, you tag people visiting particular pages on your website and then display advertisements when they are browsing other websites.

Traditionally, retargeting has a higher conversion rate than normal campaigns which means that you can decrease your cost per conversion for the entire campaign if you use a combination of retargeting and normal PPC to go after your target audience.

Landing Page Should Be Specific To Your Advertisement

A major mistake that I have seen with some of my clients is that they promote their home page for a Google Adwords campaign. I think it’s a complete waste of money for most of the cases. When I say most of the cases I am assuming that you are not a SaaS (Software as a Service) company because it works for them.

Assuming you are a local business targeting to a specific group of audience it’s important that you create a landing page for your advertisement.

The key components of a successful landing page are:

  • Attention grabber above the fold
  • A Call-To-Action (CTA) button
  • Testimonials
  • Headline & Sub-Header that resembles directly with your advertisement
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Easy To Understand. Combine texts with visuals and diagrams.

Bonus: Landing Page Designs For Your Inspiration

If you use a landing page builder like Instapage or Leadpages they have have a huge selection of pre-built templates that are optimized for conversions.

Using a landing page is absolutely critical in getting more leads for any campaign. It also helps improve the quality score of your campaigns.

Running Multiple Ad Variations For An Ad Group

The final tip that I have for you to optimize conversions is to run multiple advertisement variations inside a particular ad-group for a campaign.

Running multiple variations will give you a glimpse of the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) which is vital for brining your overall cost per acquisition down. If you have 3 variations of text-ad then you can see which one is performing better and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Changing the word makes a huge difference. Also, a pro-tip for increasing your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is to use ad-extension callouts.

callouts in adwords marked

Image Source: Search Engine Land

Once you run your a/b-testing for a week you will have enough data to decide which versions are working better than the other and concentrate your efforts effectively.

In a nutshell..

The steps mentioned above works best if you incorporate all of them together at once and constantly test what’s working for your Adwords campaign.

Testing and adapting is ultimately how you will achieve higher conversions in Google Adwords and it feels great once you start seeing results. I hope you found this Adwords tutorial useful. If you want to ask anything specific please use the comments section below.