For any company trying to sell their product online the pricing page holds significant importance. The pricing page in modern web design acts as a landing page and is often one of the most converting pages for the company brining in actual revenue. I have compiled a list of some pricing pages from all over the internet. I will also talk about a bit about their design and why they are using them. You can click on each headline to view the actual webpage.

Hubspot Pricing Page

Clearly defining their three tiers of pricing with an emphasis on price, who it’s for and the number of contacts for each tier. The reason I chose their pricing page is to show you who they designed it. There are lots of elements to be considered in their pricing structure but the crisp design helps to keep things simple for potential buyers. Also, take a look at how they are using 2 call-to-action button under each tier.

Hubspot Pricing Page

Intercom Pricing Page

The main pricing area of intercom has a card like design. What’s more interesting is how they integrate their bulk product pricing as a master option on top. This allows anyone to navigate their complete list of pricing packages more easily.

Intercom Pricing Page

Autopilot Pricing Page

Sometimes when your pricing varies greatly depending on the values it’s best to use a javascript slider and let people choose a variable to output the potential cost. The way autopilot does it on their pricing page is pretty fascinating. A simple slider dominates the main page and you can play with it to choose the number of subscribers you want to get the cost. I also like how they use the green colour with the dark background.

Autopilot Pricing Page

Evernote Pricing Page

If you want to highlight every single feature for every type of plan then you should take your inspiration from Evernote’s Pricing Page.

Evernote Pricing page

SpaceX Pricing Page

Apparently SpaceX does have a pricing page and you can draw inspiration from them if you are in the B2B product industry. Beatifically designed the page details all the configuration and pricing for their 2 rockets with big illustrations for each one of them.

SpaceX pricing page

Asana Pricing Page

Asana is a task management software for teams. Although they have a free account their pricing page shows the added features and benefit for their paid account as well. The Asana pricing page is a good example of how you can promote a freemium model for your business online.

asana pricing page

Uber Fare Estimate Page

This is not exactly a pricing page but a good example of user based pricing quote. You can use the example below to do something similar if you are selling highly customizable products to give your users an interactive estimate.

Uber Fare Estimate

LeadPages Pricing Page

LeadPages pricing page features a stunning simple design with bold text at top that kind of acts as a call-to-action. There are three pricing tier with emphasis given to their middle tier that’s bumped up.

Leadpages Pricing Page

Google Apps Pricing Page

Two tiers one at $5 a month and another at $10 a month. The Google Apps pricing page features a clean layout that utilizes lots of whitespace so that you can focus more clearly on the difference in the features between the two plans.

Google Apps Pricing Page Pricing Page

WordPress offers premium plans for anyone looking to host their website with them. Their pricing page uses a table like layout with clear distinctive plans. pricing plan

Hatchbuck CRM Pricing Page

Hatchbuck CRM features a colourful yet clean design for their pricing page.

Hatchback CRM pricing page

Netflix Pricing Page

Netflix features 3 plans for users and uses a checklist approach showcasing the various features and benefit for each plan. The interesting thing to note here is that they are using a single CTA button at the bottom called “Continue” giving you the assumption that you are somewhere midway through the conversion funnel. Now that’s smart!

Netflix Plans Page

Invision Pricing Page

Allowing designers to share prototypes what’s interesting with Invision’s pricing page is that they are using a simple card based design to showcase their plans based on the number of prototype projects you can access. Their design should be an inspiration for anyone selling a product or service without many features.

Invision Pricing Page

Casper Mattress Pricing Page

Selling a single products with some add-ons? Check out Casper mattress pricing page. Beautiful clean design showcasing the product to your left and the various options to the right this is a classic example of a single product page layout.

Casper Pricing Page

WP Engine Pricing Page

Check Out how WP engine lays out their plans for personal, professional and enterprise WordPress hosting. They have a lengthy pricing page where you can use their sliders to get an instant estimate as well as keep scrolling down to view the full tables.

Wp Engine pricing page